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What's up on archgenxml these days?

Par Vincent Fretin publié 07/12/2008 15:45, Dernière modification 14/12/2008 15:34
Changes made on archgenxml in the past two months.

Hello everyone, you're reading the first post of my blog. I'm new to the Plone/Grok community. I'm working with Plone full time since August 2008 in the Ecreall firm in Lille, France.

I wrote in August a howto on i18n with grok / zope 3 / plone / i18ndude. Thanks Martijn Faasen and all the grok team to welcome me!

I filled 4-5 bugs about i18n problems in Plone recently. Thanks Encolpe Degoute for applying my patches!

The project where I am the most active is archgenxml. I use this tool every day for my customers' products. I was quite productive since I have my svn access to archetypes and collective repositories thanks to Jens Klein.

What I have done so far on archgenxml (trunk only):

  • Internationalization of GenericSetup content type title, description and states/transitions of generated workflows.

  • Added a locales directory with the i18n:registerTranslations directive in the product's configure.zcml.

    To extract all translatable strings in the plone domain, you can use the following command:

    i18ndude rebuild-pot --pot locales/plone.pot --create plone profiles
  • I removed the local copy of documenttemplate from archgenxml, archgenxml depends on the zope.documenttemplate egg now.

  • I fixed the ArgoUMLProfileGenerator script to generate a profile compatible with ArgoUML 0.26, i.e. with uuid that don't change on each generation of the profile and all tagged-values are only once in the profile.

    Please note you should use the archgenxml_profile.xmi profile now, instead of the old argouml_profile.xmi.

    Be careful, The current version of xmiparser doesn't support ArgoUML 0.26 model for the moment. You have to stick with ArgoUML 0.24 for now.

    I plan to fix xmiparser to support ArgoUML 0.26 model soon. I'll post here for news.

  • I fixed some bugs concerning the code generation of browser views and portlets. Classes with stereotypes python_class, view_class and portlet_class don't register in factorytool.xml anymore. New default template for portlet (I copied the one from 'paster create -t plone3_portlet')

  • Folderish content type have the four views folder_summary_view, folder_tabular_view, atct_album_view, folder_listing with folder_listing as the default

An a lots of small corrections... see archgenxml svn log for details.

There were lots of correction since archgenxml 2.1. If you want to use the trunk, install it like this:

svn co archgenxml_buildout
cd archgenxml_buildout/

I'll try to blog regularly to share with you some tips on archgenxml.

Note: You maybe have noticed, I've done some inverse engineering on Martin Aspeli blog to look how he sets up his blog. I hope you don't mind Martin. :-).

I wanted to install quickly a plone site where I can write blog posts in restructured text. The important thing is to write content, not spend to much time to set up the tool, isn't it. ;-)

Normally I activated comments for openid connected users. I followed the howto Kevin Teague written in a comment on