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Fourth Annual Open Source CMS Award Launched

Par Vincent Fretin publié 10/08/2009 12:31, Dernière modification 10/08/2009 12:31
Nominations for "2009 Open Source CMS Award" by Packt Publishing opened since August 3 and closes September 11. Last year, Plone won the "Best Other Open Source CMS" category. I hope it will win this year too. If you want to nominate Plone, go to Open Source CMS form: The content of this post is the Press release untouched from Packt Publishing.

Fourth Annual Open Source CMS Award Launched

2009_CMS_Award_Logo_1.jpgBirmingham, UK. 30 July 2009

The 2009 Open Source CMS Award was launched today, inviting people to visit and submit nominations for their favorite Open Source Content Management Systems. Now in its fourth year, the Award has helped to support a variety of Content Management Systems gain recognition in a crowded and high quality marketplace.

Drupal won the 2008 Overall Award for the second time in succession in what was a very close contest with Joomla!. While Joomla! was the first runner up, DotNetNuke, a .NET-based open source Content Management System, made its way to the second runner up position in its first year in the final.

The 2009 Award will feature an increased prize fund of $24,000 and a new category designed specifically for previous winners of the Overall Open Source CMS Award. This new Hall of Fame category features CMSes that have won the Overall Award in previous years competing against one another. Alongside this, previous winners will have sub-category awards for their best themes and extensions. “We believe that this will open up the Overall Award to more CMSes and at the same time, recognize the support network behind previous winners of the Award” said Damian Carvill, Packt’s marketing manager.

Packt has opened up nominations for people to submit their favorite Content Management System at The top five in each category will go through to final, which begins in the third week of September. For more information, please visit Packt’s website



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